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YouTube video – Wayne proving the star correlation of the stars of the Pleiades on a computer star atlas with a transparency of the Mars pyramids – Stop video upload by moving the slider to the right.



Take the time to compare the layout pattern of Tikal and Stonehenge with the flash graphic of Mars and compare how all portray the stars of the Pleiades. This breakthrough was made in early 1998 (released in South African newspapers however only published in the book the Hidden Records by Wayne in 2002.

To this day the news of this finding is relatively unknown

The pyramids ruins of Mars and at Tikal mirror the Pleiades stars. Note also how the Maya pyramids of Tikal match the grouping of pyramids on Mars on their own. Is this just a coincidence? There is more. Every little anomaly in the Mars image has its counterpart. The important meaning of these star maps is the ‘x’ that marks the spot monument. It is the most accurate correlation to date! As already suggested, the star that correlates with the ‘face’ structure only fits if we set a star atlas computer program to run back in time to an ancient epoch! Click the Youtube video near the top of the page to see the transparency overlay. The images below are of the Mayan site of Tikal in Guatemala and stonehenge in the UK. The earliest Maya pyramids are shown in yellow. Recent pyramids are not really in contention here as the motive for construction during a later barbaric period was to commemorate a mysterious and very sacred 20-year-cycle. Note also the dimension and perspective match of Temple 4 with the face on Mars. It makes one wonder what earlier monument resides under this pyramid temple? (Pleiades photograph shot at 3-minute exposure with colour enhancement – Meade ETX-125AT – W. Herschel).


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Update September 2009: The highlight of the Hidden Records book has to be this comparitive measurement (above) between all the stars of the Pleiades and all the anomalies in the Mars cluster in Cydonia. There are a spectacular 21 correlations for the small stars matching small anomalies. There are six large magnitude stars correlating with six medium sized anomalies and one primary large star of Alcyone correaling with a another five sided anomaly (like the larger D&M five sided anomaly which still has one equilateral triangle side perfectly intact).

All in all, 28 spectacular correlations where the Mars presentation still has one major piece of evidence that makes it far beyond just coincidence. It presents a perfectly geometry adjusted layout, altered fractionally not to make it a poor correlation, but ever so slightly adjusted to suggest it is constructed by advanced perfectionist beings… our ancestors. Note the parallel fine lines in yellow, the main shape between the cluster forming a trapezium, and a right angled triangle with two 45 degree angles. But as expected the Pleiades stars are not quite perfectly placed as this.

It may seem as if this website is revealing ‘all’ the material… and why bother about the book? The fact is that the website only previews the tip of the iceberg. It is important to get a reasonable idea about the author’s controversial claims which will obviously sound too farfetched for most people. It is also very fair for many who can’t afford books to at least see the basis of the fundamental material.


A documentary titled ‘Ancient Aliens’ on the History Channel 15th March 2009 aired footage of Wayne’s Mars Pleiades and Tikal starmap findings. It was apparently presented in a way as if it was their own material. No references were given at all. An inquiry is now being made with History Channel by the investors of Waynes book. More info will be updated here

There is a lot more important evidence that binds all these awe inspiring star map patterns together. Crucial ancient texts and graphic artefacts in The Hidden Records… fifteen years of research to be exact, all packed into in a 289 page soft cover book. The author begins with one substantial breakthrough that creates a snowball effect. He takes the reader on a journey across the globe from one clue to the next. There are over 30 very substantial new findings presented in one publication.

Challenge this claim.


Another new image of Cydonia that has not been seen before. It is a composite image of all the latest satellite downloads. All the clues come together in the final chapter, deciphering reoccurring hidden messages… suggesting very strongly who we are and where our ancestors most likely come from. The logic and reasoning is sound and tested with scholars in all fields, and I have to respect why only a minority of academics that I have pursued have kindly assisted in the evaluation, yet chose to remain anonymous due to the earth shattering conclusion.

It is common knowledge that any academic institution of learning would need to abide to a strict code of ethics when exploring a controversial theory that opposes highly respected previous written theory in the university archives. General evaluation would also demand a group consensus which would take a great amount of time… years perhaps, for this particular subject matter before any comment is officially forthcoming.

One might still wonder if all this research amounts to the ultimate collection of coincidences of the century… then another hidden anomaly in this image above (in the top left hand corner) reveals a shocking new surprise!

You will have to look very carefully in the book for that. It is there for the reader to figure out. Other images in the book hold all the clues and it is very subtly mentioned in a small image caption. The author is saving this for the moment academics take him on in a media covered challenge for the truth… as well as a lot more surprising evidence that is saved for the sequel which is locked up in a vault and waiting for the future. Only those who have the newly launched book have an idea of what is following.

Go to the links page to see what other findings are being researched on Mars. The world awaits for the ultimate announcement… something that could very well change everything we thought we knew about the secrets of life in this vast universe.


All credits for the sources of the Mars images go to all the hardworking NASA teams extracting images from Themis, Observer and other satellites orbiting Mars. Recognition must go to the very kind research and science ethics that NASA has made available to outside researchers and for the public to explore and publish their independent enhancements and interpretations as such. It is important to mention that the enhancing and processing of the images lies within the parameters laid out by the ‘outside’ researcher, and is not work instigated by NASA itself.

It is not science at all for such a professional institution as NASA to enhance an image and jump to earth shattering conclusions as the author has chosen to initiate, until there is appropriate reason to do so. Only when there is irrefutable concrete proof from the new findings that are now emerging in 2009, NASA will no doubt endeavour to make such an announcement.


Famous NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin announces there is a monolith on one of the moons of Mars in the TV interview in this video clip. A monolith or obelisk of substantial height on Phobos suggests something scientists cant explain away. Phobos is so small and of extraordinary shape that many conspiracy theorists believe is not even a moon but some sort of super large satellite in orbit around Mars. The interesting thing here is the monolith sounds a lot like the sacred Egyptian Obelisk at Abusir.. the ‘x’ that marks the spot in the Egyptian pyramid star map. It is also the ‘x’ that marks the spot in Washington DC… What is it doing on Phobos!



The crop circles in the image above and the video that follows are very advanced, the first of their kind and would appear to be real. Yes there have been attempts to re-create faces with lines close to this concept but only possible in just light and dark shade. These images here are multi shaded. One appears to be a reply to the 1974 Carl Sagan deep space message from Aricebo. The coded cipher and face images appeared on the 14th August next to the Chibolton radio telescope in the UK in 2002. It also had a human face depicted near it in a very special unrecognised way using pixels for the first time ever in crop circles. See the blurred image beneath the main image above to identify the face. It could be a man with white beard. White eyebrows prominent too showing elderly. There is very slight moustache detail and ‘goatee’ and mouth perhaps slightly open. This is very important with what follows on the ‘Solar Deity analysis’.

Then exactly a year later, next to another UK radio satellite station in Crabwood Winchester in the Hampshire area 2003 the second special image showing the entity that sent the first message and it was depicting another shocking message. It used binary code in a disc shape depiction. Now here is reasoning it is likely it is not a hoax. The disc the entity is holding in the image below is so precice that its message encryptian in binary cannot be made by human hand. This is because the excuse of grids of string being used to layout the pattern dont work in circles. Each tuft of crop left behind is critically sized and positioned.

The message was deciphered by a well known IT specialist and he is seen in the video being interviewed. Latest research by Martin Keitel updates the message encryption identifying a missing word and showing how some words are in capitals perhaps hiding more of the message. Here is the message:

“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts


Much PAIN but still time


There is GOOD out there



This crop image was another first of its type ever. It was made using the same pattern as a TV screen uses and this alone holds a clue.

Seven years have passed and the face has still not been recognised how it fits in the deciphered message. There is another clue that was missed. The three stars of Orion are shown in the entity crop image. The position of the three stars are above the entities shoulder, they are so accurate in detail as one star is slightly offset which is true to Orion’s Belt. Wayne immediately looked for alignment possibilities to match his star map theory. There is a suggestion of alignment since the three dots are ‘in line’ with the plough troughs! Both directions seemed to have nothing… initially.

Here is what is missing in the deciphered messages thus far. Scientists have wondered if it is an answer to the Aricebo deep space message with us showing who we are and where we come from. The messages of the two events show who the entity is and his DNA, his planets around another star but no message found so far where the entity COMES FROM.

It has been missed…

The human face is undecipherd. The face is depicted as a Solar deity. Wayne has presented this a little lower down with the meaning of the Face on Mars. If it is the symbol showing humanity in the position as it does in the ancient star map hypothesis it is showing the position of the star that is missing so far for this crop mystery.

The second clue in support of the reasoning of the Face depiction as a star coordinate is with the second crop event with the entity. It has Orions belt encoded with it. These three stars are in alignment with the ‘face’ star in the ancient star map hypothesis.

Then Wayne suddenly realised the alignment message!

The three stars are above the entities shoulder…

… they align with the ENTITY ITSELF!

It suggests the entities’ star system is also the same star in all the star maps!

See the Solar/Sun ‘god’ faces that follow to compare reasoning of the face style and how the face is the ‘x’ that mars the spot in the Mars star map. If the face on Mars is the ‘x’ that marks the spot, it therefore seems likely that the star maps that Wayne has deciphered are involving perhaps a few planets belonging to the Grey entities.

Now here is a little reasoning behind the ‘TV line’ style in the Alien message. It is positioned also next to and aligning its edges with a TV research satellite station using this format and not pixels. Dare Wayne suggest this… but we could be close to a direct message that will interupt out TV broadcasts from these entities, near the time of chaos. Wayne has a source of more detail of the time and what the ‘pain’, ‘false gifts’ and ‘deception’ is referring to by the very same type of entity… manipulation of truth by our ‘elite’. For the full story on what is near, what is hidden and what needs to be changed urgently, please go to Oneism.org

The 4 faces in a group in the image above are 4 examples of Solar deities found globally and on Mars. Note the square head uniqueness in the depictions. It is a secret symbol of our Star ancestors position in space!

Another interesting finding realised by Martin Kietel is the well known ancient astronaut depiction with flying disc in a cave painting in Uzbekistan. An entity here seems to be holding the same type of disc with binary detail shown on it! What are the chances there is a connection here? The cave depiction shows a being with strange monster face. Not surprising for an ancient witness seeing monsters in the machine device of the helmet. Also a cluster of hills/pyramids seem clear that are near to a place where many building blocks are strewn everywhere, next to the being holding the disc. Is it suggesting the ‘x’ monument marking the spot will be excavated and something ‘alien’ will be found beneath it? Pure speculation by Wayne of course! Martin Kietel said he had a preminition that guided his research and believes the secret soon to be exposed will involve identification of another ’sun’… coincidence perhaps?

No scientist to date has figured a way these particular crop formation images can be created by hoaxers. Wayne expects that if this story suddenly gets back into the media, some well paid disinformation experts will suddenly appear and claim it was a fake and that they did it. If this happens such a claim needs proving and they owe it to the public to show how they did the disc creation in absolute dark of night. Unless someone can firstly claim they did it and secondly recreate it at night then these crop geoglyphs remain acceptable as good evidence they are genuine not of this world creations. After seeing this video Wayne is now considering two possibilities:

That the message suggests the Greys are also watchers over humanity from this star.

Or something even more important: That the ‘x’ that marks the spot is to reference where the Greys come from too. The Face image is the ‘x’ that marks the spot in the star maps Wayne has been fortunate to decipher. A star near the Pleiades with another world in orbit that is their own world.

Another world… of the same star system of our ancestors world!





Before exploring the ultimate pyramid star map evidence of Wayne’s Pleiades star ‘gods’ theory… or the latest exciting new discovery massive levels of methane proving microbial life – a breaking new composite overlay image of the Mars Face has just been released (image seen above – Jan 2009) with the highest resolution ever and with the correct light angle producing a 3D perspective. The evidence you are about to explore on this page will no doubt make this website one of the leading research sites on the internet in archaeoastronomy and the subject of the Mars pyramids of Cydonia. This web page presents in advance of Wayne’s next book,as a preview of all the latest ‘measurable’ findings that authorities are still not prepared to comment on yet. The findings that follow will convincingly prove that the anomalies on Mars were not only built by advanced life… but built perhaps by our very own ancestors.

The most convincing and strongest case, proving the existence of advanced intelligent life on Mars, is right here: The blocks found on the Mars Face (above). The image here is of the Face of Mars showing various block/sand debris patterns, all of which match pyramid ruins in Egypt partially covered by sand. (Story follows). From the image you will see from the extended lower part of the face, it was once perhaps originally the face of a bearded human. The case made for the Red Planet once having had advanced intelligent life on it can be further corroborated by what appear to be pyramids on its surface, with their layout plan matching the layout plan of the layouts that all the pyramid civilisations here on Earth are based on, namely a very specific star formation in the night sky. From the recent discovery (bottom of page) that Mars once had oceans like Earth, to finding moss or algae and remains of a remarkable fossil on Mars… they all present strong cases for life once having existed on this planet. But the most controversial finding of all has to be what appear to be the remains of a human space helmet. What is more, it seems to be the same style as that of one used by a prominent secret society here on Earth and that was emulated in one of the most famous space science fiction movies of all time.

The first ever high resolution image of the face on Mars was made available two years ago by NASA JPL through the HIRISE PROJECT at The University of Arizona but the image was so large that computers in 2007 were either unable to complete the download or simply open it before it would crash them. Since then, the image has been unrecognised for its real value and almost forgotten. But technology has recently caught up with handling large images, and Wayne Herschel’s two-year project of careful image processing has now been completed.

Wayne started a year ago when his friend Dylan Thorne, who is an IT expert now living in Australia said he would give the download another try.

He succeeded.

The image above (and 4meg image) shows many different block patterns matching pyramid ruins in Egypt covered in ‘The Hidden Records’. When sand forms over collapsed areas of pyramid ruins, very definite patterns are clearly identified. The Mars face has them all, and it is not surprising since the planet at some point in its history experienced a meteorite impact event that ended it, leaving a 2000 km wide impact crater.

The 2007 image of the Face on Mars made available to researchers was so large that even viewing it in an image window still kept crashing computers. The image was put on hold for a while. But while looking at some of features on the image before it crashed Wayne realised a few important facts. Firstly, he noticed that there were some disappointing digital noise line patterns in a large portion of it, which would need to be painstakingly removed by hand. Sadly and as was to be expected, the whole image (a black and white gif source) was upside down and at an awkward angle, with poor lighting and poor contrast. We expected that, it seems to be the norm for important images of the Cydonia area that are released by the university website


Wayne was absolutely ecstatic at the clear spectacular detail he was seeing for the first time. He immediately noticed what was clearly a debris field (shaded purple in the image above) revealing that the ‘nose’ had lost its tip. There was another matching debris pattern with another important portion on the Mars Face. It was perhaps the ‘x’ that marks the spot anomaly in what Wayne is certain was once the small obelisk on the forehead, intended to correlate with a specific star if this is a star map, and which had no doubt collapsed since. This is a breakthrough on its own since the third eye positioning is part of its message and it matches themes like the greatest ever Egyptian style obelisk ever built in Egypt (as will be explained shortly), and now the scattered material in block form is there to justify it. The design would match the obelisk Sun Temple in the Egyptian pyramid field. The importance Wayne explains in his book: The reason the Sphinx has a cobra on its forehead, and the reason other Sun god face monuments found around the world all present the same unusual square looking human face, with mouth poised open and with something in the position of the third eye.

Researches have already suggested the Mars Face experienced at least five direct impacts by meteorites (remains of five craters in shadowed section now very clear). Also they speak of a large directional planet crust shift, apparently moving suddenly to the right, during what would have been a ‘Mars-quake’ well above a magnitude 10. It would have been caused by a massive impact event, which ended all life on it. Hence the nose and forehead obelisk collapsing in the same direction (shown here by purple shaded areas). By the way… here is where the clearest examples of block debris are exposed!

There are literally millions upon millions of block-shaped ‘rocks’ everywhere. Straight edged rocks of linear sizes! There are three general sizes, the most common size is around 2m to 3m long like the blocks used to build the Giza pyramids in Egypt, followed by extraordinary examples around 5m long, like the blocks of the Sphinx temple in Egypt, and some massive examples more than 10m in length like the blocks found at Baalbek in Lebanon. In his book published in 2003 Wayne already identified some of the largest blocks, daring to suggest at that time that the Mars face was built of blocks… and that the Face on Mars has a very definite left eye. But academics laughed at his conclusion saying he was seeing things that were not really there… tricks of light and shadow.

The time has now arrived demanding a second look, and this time a serious debate is inevitable. Wayne knew he was able to overcome all the problems in the newly released satellite image where he could digitally overlay shades of appropriate colour found in more recent Mars images for this area.

But for Wayne there was something more valuable that would prove the 3D value of the Mars face seen in some other more recent low resolution images. For his book he was able to master an art program to bring out the striking detail. By adding slight colour and by producing an overlay mask sourced from the 20 year old Viking image of the Mars Face, then overlay it onto a 2003 overhead sun shot he had a spectacular end result. In doing this he produced the first clear image on the face on Mars with the appropriate 3D sun angle interpretation. This was important because this ‘true’ (scientifically valid) sun angle shows the 3D nature of the anomaly, but more importantly how a human face would appear in daylight. So to achieve a scientific comparison to a 3D human face, one would need to compare the effect of natural lighting on a human face with what could be a real human face carving on Mars. In the image below the source is in black and white and the graphic shows how the image was processed and how the sun angle data altered with overlay processes to match the old Viking image. The part of the Mars face with the most apparent damage is the area of the lower mouth. The face most likely originally had an open mouth. The reasons for this are shared amoungst all ancient civilisations for this depiction of a ‘Sun god’ when depicted as a face. The lower lip appears to have shifted by the impact event visible on the right hand side of the mouth. The blast seems to have forced the lower lip further down.


NASA would never ever take this research approach comparing the anomaly with a human face as it would not be in its best interests to try to prove that the anomaly is an ancient monument.

In August 2008 the time arrived when a computer finally succeeded in downloading the very large image with a Coral Photoshop program. The first thing that Wayne felt urgently needed processing while being in large format, was to eliminate unnecessary excess background to prevent the computer from crashing. He succeeded. In so doing this now guaranteed that the work could begin without any more risks of computer crashes. The image was rotated to the ‘upright face’ position and more of the background was cropped out, cutting the image down to a workable size of a 70 meg file. This was followed by a contrast adjustment enhancement simply at the click of a button. Days were spent removing 70% of the false noise lines.

Now here is where the art program excels. The secret in enhancing detail without getting pixel noise is as follows: The image was resampled again making the face bigger to 90 megs, but now the face was almost twice the size. A second smoothing feature on Coral Draw allow one to blur with a setting of 1.5 pixels softening source pixel edges. Now all the detail in the whole image was smoother, but edges of everything else more crisp. It could now be compressed and saved at a rate where block edges are preserved and a workable size of 20 megs.

Wayne spent months on adding approximate colour tones by referencing all the latest source colour satellite images of the Cydonia area against one another. This was followed by laboriously enhancing every single obvious block shaped anomaly to make his claim clear without distortion. The process is simple and accurate. Using the sharpen function as a brush nib, it simply sharpens all chosen detail without altering its source shape. The example below shows one small portion of the source image and how it was processed. Note how accurate the enhancement and colouring is when comparing the source against the final version.


The hardest part of all was recreating the Viking original satellite image with perfect 3D light and shadow with an overlay over the the ‘flat’ image with overhead sun. The multi overlay masking of adjusted lighter areas and darker areas from the original Viking image is possible without losing the valuable block detail.

The dramatic unveiling at an expo of the 1.5m image in colour will be launched with Wayne’s September promotions so the public can view the evidence of the millions of block patterns matching patterns seen on Egyptian pyramids.


Sensational new findings of massive quantities of water on Mars for some unknown reason have been prevented from main news media. University press releases have made their internet releases known but that is as far as it gets!

The latest findings of 1000’s of kilometers of ice fragments appearing like footage seen of fragmented ice sheets on the sea in the seas around Alaska has now been officially identified. All that is different to Alaska is that the ice is covered in dust and they are absolutely massive fragments. Here is the image gallery on the website that has made these images possible. The mystery behind the giant ’splat’ craters is no longer a mystery as it seem reasonable to say that some impacts hit a suddenly exposed muddy ocean floor after the cataclysmic primary impact event on Mars. An impact event that destroyed Mars creating a 2000km wide impact crater called the Hellas Basin. In the link below see the second image and question the ‘real’ green colour in this colour image, because scientists are saying it is more easily explained as the mineral colour of the surface. Coincidently, in this area conditions are exceptionally perfect for any algae or moss.

Look at the possibilities:

Volcanic ‘rich’ soil…
Constant wet area…
Carbon dioxide rich atmosphere…
An image proving a green surface…

This is the best case so far in questioning the potential of moss or algae!

Link to news release: ‘Frozen seas on Mars’

There is more… The ancient lake discovery released June 2009. Not as exciting as frozen oceans hiding under dust but here is a ‘hidden’ news release at Science Daily for the Colorado University findings on the lake discovery:

Link to Lake on Mars Discovery: ‘Ancient Lake discovered on Mars’

Also frozen water permanently available in craters, perhaps of great use to the future mars landing is just as important. This finding is also not well known and especially surprising since its exciting potential making the Mars trip a lot safer with a smaller water payload demand.

Link to water available on Mars: ‘Frozen water discovered in Mars crater’


The image below is sourced from ESA Mars Express and it was one taken with special colour sensitive film. There have been many green images already debunked as mass deposits of gypsum but this one is in an area far from the green deposits. This one is in an area recognised as having ancient water erosion. If a cataclysm destroyed all surface vegetation, starting off again from ground zero, it is likely algae would have survived, now forming in the favourable warmer areas and with an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide. A thin atmosphere would also be no problem for algae. Wayne simply lightened and enhanced colour in the second image which enhanced the soft shade of green. The green patches have also formed in a way algae or moss would form on rocks.




A space scientist believes there is now a lot of proof of life on Mars but it is not being released. Is this the beginning of scientists coming forward? Lets hope so.

Link to scientists comments: Scientist’s shocking announcement


NASA has announced at a press conference that it can confirm a South American astronomer making the claim that massive quantities of methane gas is currently being released on Mars! NASA probably had the same data for a while from their own research but perhaps felt they were not ready to make the announcement.

How can such an important breakthrough be held back? If it weren’t for this astronomer making a claim, nobody would know about it.

The very first Viking landing probe over 20 years ago had a very expensive mini lab to process soil samples looking for carbon to prove life. They found it… BUT while the NASA research team was drinking Champagne, other scientists at NASA tried to disprove the carbon life theory completely. It is as if they don’t want people to think life is or was ever possible on Mars! The Mars Beagle probe a few years ago also had very expensive equipment on board to detect methane for one reason and for one reason only… if it could detect methane it would be able to prove micro biological life on Mars exists. It apparently didn’t work.

Now that the cat is out the bag, scientists seem more interested in disproving the possibility of life on Mars by trying to prove the only other explanation for the methane… recent volcanism and surface lava flows… something they always insisted previously was absolutely impossible. They always said Mars was a volcanically extinct planet. So much so that not only was there no existence of volcanic activity, they insist that the crust is so solid and frozen it was completely without crustal movement. All the data proved it was not like Earth at all as it is today, with our relatively thin land masses floating on magma.

The methane gas is mainly found around the warmer equatorial areas on Mars so it is more likely to be that discharged by microbial life living in the damp soil around the equator.

Only microbial life can explain these massive quantities of recent methane discharges if it is not volcanic activity. Volcanic activity would easily be detected in many ways, especially sensors reading infrared radiation. There have been Mars temperatures across the surface everywhere not much different to the average Canadian winter, and those are the warm readings. The story has already slipped away into darkness. The next finding made by Wayne now makes a lot more sense… algae or moss seen on Mars… yet no comments from NASA. News agencies around the world seem to have avoided using this valuable methane discovery in their bulletins. See the BBC release 15th Jan 2009.


The image that follows is sourced from Spirit Mars rover from NASA and it is of something that creates a whole new conspiracy theory. The unusual object here is an exact match in detail to something used in the famous Star Wars movie for a ‘Storm Trooper’.

If there is any possible chance that there is a connection here it would have to have the same explanation for the 1958 story that follows here where famous authors like Arthur C. Clark and many others coincidently knew about the face on Mars by including it in their books many years before any Earth probe was anywhere near Mars. Wayne is very hesitant in saying that if this is true then there are secret artefacts in store somewhere, perhaps something found in Egypt under the hole in the Sphinx chest area in the late 1800’s that depicts the detail of the star visitors who founded ancient pyramid civilisations.

One has to wonder if George Lucas was either inspired to create his helmets for his characters like this by chance or was he inspired to replicate something only known by secret society… just speculation here. His Storm Troopers also have a face just like the viking image of the Mars face too… another Mars coincidence.

In reasoning a helmet like this, Wayne comments as follows:

If the advanced inhabitants on Mars knew a debris field of meteorites was heading their way and they could not evacuate all its world population they would need to prepare its people with protective space suits of some sort. Those needing evacuation shortly after the cataclysmic event that ended Mars are in question here. They would have known the atmosphere would be filled with volcanic gas and dust. They would no doubt build underground protective dwellings too but the need to wear suits something like the proverbial Storm Trooper makes sense, especially body armour if meteor showers were inevitable. The two small cylinders at the bottom of the helmet would most likely be two small air filters as per our war gas masks. Their world would have been like a war zone. If any ancient artefact was ever discovered on Earth and kept secret because it depicted the last people on Mars like storm troopers, it is no wonder at all that the ancients believed Mars was linked to beings revered as gods of war! Did the little rover take a close look at this ‘rock’?… Sure they did… but news on that would not be for public consumption.




Mars has produced an array of potential fossils but one stands out far more convincing than any other for a number of reasons. It is of what appears to be a sea shell and it is embedded in fossil rock that scientists found the strange round oddities that they nicknamed blueberries. In the image below colour shaded by Wayne which was sourced by the NASA Opportunity rover – one wonders if it had a high calcium reading after it was ground to a pulp by the rover? NASA obviously claims it produced just rock dust otherwise we all would have celebrated the first official fossil discovery. Since then there have been two cases of what appear to be a bird skull and a lizard skull but due to the amount of very odd rock shapes nearby these are not strong cases.




It is more commonly referred to as the D&M pyramid, named after its finders. A very clear equilateral side is visible on the bottom of the image and more importantly the clear geometric make-up of the entire pyramid is undeniable. The shape of this structure outlines a perfect rendition of the Da Vinci codex the author has proposed (see Da Vinci codex page). Wayne Herschel found this codex at Stonehenge in 1999 and subsequently at Giza in his quest for the meaning of the decipherable code integral to his pyramid star maps. The most astounding thing about the two anomalies you see on this webpage, is that they represent two very rare nearby ‘G’ class, Sun-like stars. However, on a computerised star atlas they are only in the correct position when it is set to run back thousands of years. For Wayne Herschel, the Mars ‘pyramid’ star map qualifies as the most accurate representation so far of the greater Pleiades star field… 17250 years ago. For the meaning of the geometry human code encryption on Mars click here


October 2006 – Recently scientists released a series of very interesting photographs of the face anomaly on Mars. They inadvertently show something critical that was absent in Wayne Herschel’s pyramid star map research.

Please note: Those not familiar with the author’s star correlation theory on Mars outlined in ‘The Hidden Records’ may find the hypotheses that follows hard to follow and might believe this is merely another attempt to revive the disputed face anomaly as a face. The face has what scientists jokingly refer to as a horn coming out of its forehead. No wonder the academic world is elated that it is exactly what they told us it is: A hill.

For Wayne Herschel the new image is having the exact opposite effect. It proves exactly what was missing in ‘The Hidden Records’ pyramid star map theory.

For the source of the 3D Mars image shown directly below click here
(It is labelled, colour shaded and enhanced here for clarity).



Sphinx anomaly


solar temple


What on earth do these images have in common? Read on and discover.
Three bearded faces found in three different continents across the globe seem to speak of each independent civilization’s genesis. They all built pyramids and claimed that their ancestors came from the heavens. All have identical beard, forehead and headdress themes. But one of them appears to stand out far more importantly than the others.At Tiahuanaco in South America, positioned at the centre of the gateway of the Sun, a bearded Sun-god/star-god not only matches the mars face headdress and face design more than any other, but it has exactly what Wayne has been looking for. A rough carving of what appears to be a small star is positioned on its forehead exactly where the Mars face forehead anomaly is found. It occurs exactly where the star correlation crosses the centre line of the Mars face monument.
It is important to bear in mind that Wayne Herschel first published his book in South Africa over two years ago before it was officially launched in the USA and UK in May 2006 so no one can say he is adjusting his story to suit the new images when you read what follows.During his research before publishing in 2003, when reasoning his Mars interpretations he came up with a correlation problem that remained inconclusive.

  • His Egyptian pyramid layout research required pyramid shape constructions when interpreting star positions. If the Mars pyramids were real pyramid ruins, why did the face anomaly have nothing to do with a form of pyramid interpretation that marks the spot like in Egypt?
  • Why was there no size match for the very small Sun-like star he was hoping for as he had found in Egypt? (See pyramid obelisk image above).
  • The first alignment that became apparent to him on Mars was to be found in the D&M five-sided pyramid. Two of this pyramid’s sides are much longer than the rest (see image below to see the resultant alignment line and the Mars star map at the top of the page to see the complete line). Seen from above this so-called pyramid creates the effect of an ‘arrow pointing’. It points to the face anomaly intersecting its central line of symmetry in the forehead area (and not at its exact centre, which would have made a perfect correlation for the Face monument).
  • The lines intersecting from two other important geometric points also missed the centre of the face anomaly (p.228 of the book) and they too landed at the same point on the forehead of the face anomaly. See image below.
  • When Wayne measured the movement path and the distance of the all important correlating Sun-like star (the only star that passes through the face position). It passes precisely through the 3 intersecting geometry lines mentioned above, on the forehead. It does so at a very ancient epoch 17250 years ago and this is how Wayne has dated the Mars monuments. Wayne ascribed these correlations and intersections to its builders’ recognising the significance of the legendary spiritual eye. (See book p.274). Many might have felt that his esoteric comment here was wishful thinking.
  • Shortly before publishing, he magnified the forehead region of the Mars face high resolution image (see book p. 236) and saw what appeared to be a round shape, exactly where he was looking. But the likely explanation for this perfectly round shape could easily be explained away as an impact crater, so he did not feel it was a credible anomaly at all.

In Egypt, the ancients ingeniously found a way to highlight the star that was the most important although it was small star. For accuracy purposes it would have to be represented by a small monument, but they would have wanted it to stand out nonetheless. Hence they embellished it for grand effect. They built a giant obelisk ON TOP of the smaller pyramid and capped it with gold. (See above and see the free article on this website). Would one not expect the same phenomenon for Mars if we dare to consider it was once an Earth linked pyramid civilisation before perishing?

The page references below are for the images in ‘The Hidden Records’ that show the intersections for the new composite image shown below:

Page 282
Page 253
Page 274

The image shown here highlights the coordinates from the three pages referred to above and it is depicted here as one single overlay over the Mars face (from a statue of Zeus) positioned in space where the Sun-like star passes. The new face ‘horn’ anomaly that has come to light in the recent images, by its shape suggests very strongly to Wayne that it is ‘his’ ultimate tiny pyramid correlation that he has been searching for. It is precisely in the position it should be in for an exact correlation and its style redolent of its Egyptian counterpart, the solar temple with its tall obelisk on top of it. It also falls along the centre line on top of the monument.

Mars face new anomaly

e are four different lines all intersecting at the same point on the forehead of the face ruin anomaly, all of which ‘The Hidden Records’ published in 2003. Wayne noticed something else since going to print, which could be important to deciphering the Mars star map message. Notice how the star movement path (yellow) matches the D&M pyramid alignment (red).What needs to be considered at every stage of this research is the fact that Mars is in a state of post apocalyptic meteor impact, an event suggested by a 2000-kilometre wide impact crater. It is quite amazing that the face, only with the correct sun angle, still has any resemblance to a human face at all. It is a devastated ruin, so it would be over-zealous to expect it to be a perfectly intact face.

On page 236 of ‘The Hidden Records’ Wayne produced an updated colour version of the 2002 NASA image and sharpened and contrasted it adding its apparent colour for that area (from recent surface pigment data). Image credit as a source goes to NASA here.Shown below is an extracted piece of the face. It is a view from above with overhead sun angle, hence no shadow is created from the ‘new’ forehead anomaly. (Demarcated by white cross).

Note how the faint circle (at cross centre) that Wayne thought earlier was probably a crater fits into what appears also to be the faint outline of a triangular shape. The shape suggests a partially collapsed three-sided pyramid base also having typical pyramid shaped three-edged sides before becoming a severely damaged ruin.

Mars face new anomaly find

There is another clue: According to the moving 3D image found at the web link at the top of this article, how is it possible for a perfectly round crater to form at the very steep slope angle suggested by these scientists? An impact should have destroyed the ‘horn’ or at the very least have an oval crater.In all probability it is not a crater.

Is this round circle going to be explained away again as more strange geology? Or is it the remains of what Wayne was looking for: The remnants of a round solar disc on a pyramid ruin or as in Egypt the serpent on the headdress matching the Sphinx. It could be either. However we have star correlation motivation for pyramids fitting more conclusively. In support of the serpent theory one must consider the reason for wearing the serpent on the forehead in the first place. It most likely originates from the ancient belief that the cosmic serpent links to the forehead in this way… as the ‘all seeing’ spiritual eye. The meaning appears justifiable in both instances here so the Mars anomaly is not really an unexpected or strange thing. One must compare apples with apples so to speak – The Mars face and its pyramid anomalies with the Sphinx and its pyramids.

Since publishing his book, Wayne seems to have his missing piece of the puzzle for his pyramid star correlation theory to be complete. The ‘horn’ anomaly evidence is very unique. As in Egypt, it can be found in the forehead position located in the sacred ‘all seeing’ eye. It is just like the image on the US one dollar bill (and the icon shown here that links to what might present its grand secret).The value of the ‘all seeing’ eye is of paramount importance and this website is full of references to it in the Renaissance paintings that have been posted on it for the past six months.

mars face new anomaly view

e is a rebuild model of what may have been on Mars. Wayne says in this rebuild it was crucial to show the eyes intact in defiance of the way the anomaly is being depicted by academics. Authorities seem quite adamant in their new depiction of the Mars anomaly with ‘unfair’ overhead Sun angle and weird colour tones and blur that do a splendid job presenting it like a hill.Wayne believes the anomaly is much lower in actual height and their scale is at fault. But, if the height of the face anomaly is this pronounced, one can also add quite conclusively that if pyramids are one day found to utilise natural internal ‘planet’ energy of sorts, then this face anomaly as seen in the 3D release at the top of the page quite convincingly fits such a design code too.


In Oct 2006 A ‘New Scientist’ media release claims an exciting breakthrough that is perhaps more important than the recent frozen ocean discovery: That Mars once had planet-wide oceans and was once a blue planet so to speak. (It was announced many years ago but ‘other’ scientists found a way to retract the statement). This is important in justifying a large percentage coverage of the planet before it was destroyed my an impact event. It was not just like Earth… it was probably once an even better planet than Earth.How long is it going to be when the full story on Mars gets announced for all to see?

Planet wide ocean on Mars proof – click here


Credits – References – Copyright – General summary and dates for top seven ancient starmaps explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel
Egypt (1997) A new pyramid star map interpretation is published © Wayne Herschel. (see Sun-like star on this site). More than Fifty pyramid star correlations are verified by astronomers, referencing only 3 pyramids of Robert Bauval’s theory in ‘The Orion Mystery’ and ‘The Egypt Code’. The Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval Sphinx Leo theory is proven with new evidence and a ‘Da Vinci-Egypt code’ emerges. The lost symbol of the Solomon Key Parchment is deciphered where the lost symbol is found to be Orion. Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol is referenced here although it is unknown if his new book will identify the meaning of the same lost symbol found in the Solomon Key parchment.
Wayne Herschel proposed that the lost symbol of the Key of Solomon is the Key of Hiram, the key of St Peter. The Egyptian obelisks near the Vatican in Rome are the same star map as covered in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons novel. The Andromeda constellation correlates with the Saqqarra pyramids. Unlike Robert Bauval, Wayne Herschel’s Sun-like star Temple theory is repeated in many ancient pyramid civilizations in the Northern Hemisphere. The ‘ Egypt codex’ is not only found at Giza, it is also found at Tikal and Stonehenge. (Wayne Herschel © The Hidden Records).
At Stonehenge, the ‘Da Vinci-Egypt code’ and ‘x’ are both found between the Trilithons. At Teotihuacan in Mexico, Orion’s belt is proposed with a new theory. It aligns with the Pleiades and seven hills on the horizon. (Wayne Herschel © The Hidden Records). In Guatemala, the Tikal pyramids replicate the Pleiades; (Wayne Herschel © The Hidden Records) and at Angkor, pyramids representing Perseus show the way to the Pleiades. At Cuzco, the Inca star map of Orion’s belt and the Pleiades isolates a Sun-like star and a ‘planet’ of the ‘gods.’ (See ‘Sun like star’ and synopsis that follows). The lost symbol synopsis: click the lost symbol icon for the King Solomon parchment and the Key that is encoded as the stars of Orion.
. Ref: Dan Brown – The forgotten symbol has been lost for centuries, or hidden in secret archives. The parchment is on line and the full story and trailer discussed at www.keyofsolomon.net For more on the lost symbol, see the Youtube videos titled: The lost symbol… King Solomon and the lost symbol parchment analysis (Wayne Herschel © The Hidden Records). In conclusion The Hidden Records unlocks the secret code of all the pyramid builders: The shocking message reveals who we are and where we come from, and it was not meant to be deciphered by ‘mortal man’…The ‘code’ is only unlocked when viewed from the sky. It was concluded therefore without doubt, that the message is ancient and thus intended for their so called ‘gods’ of flesh and blood, who came from above! (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records book © Wayne Herschel 2003 .
Webhosting by Ed – $23/hr – 6hr window – boost web ranking, animations, youtube, image/logo designs

– by www.THEhiddenRECORDS.com

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