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YouTube video – Wayne proving the star correlation of the stars of the Pleiades on a computer star atlas with a transparency of the Mars pyramids – Stop video upload by moving the slider to the right.



Take the time to compare the layout pattern of Tikal and Stonehenge with the flash graphic of Mars and compare how all portray the stars of the Pleiades. This breakthrough was made in early 1998 (released in South African newspapers however only published in the book the Hidden Records by Wayne in 2002.

To this day the news of this finding is relatively unknown

The pyramids ruins of Mars and at Tikal mirror the Pleiades stars. Note also how the Maya pyramids of Tikal match the grouping of pyramids on Mars on their own. Is this just a coincidence? There is more. Every little anomaly in the Mars image has its counterpart. The important meaning of these star maps is the ‘x’ that marks the spot monument. It is the most accurate correlation to date! As already suggested, the star that correlates with the ‘face’ structure only fits if we set a star atlas computer program to run back in time to an ancient epoch! Click the Youtube video near the top of the page to see the transparency overlay. The images below are of the Mayan site of Tikal in Guatemala and stonehenge in the UK. The earliest Maya pyramids are shown in yellow. Recent pyramids are not really in contention here as the motive for construction during a later barbaric period was to commemorate a mysterious and very sacred 20-year-cycle. Note also the dimension and perspective match of Temple 4 with the face on Mars. It makes one wonder what earlier monument resides under this pyramid temple? (Pleiades photograph shot at 3-minute exposure with colour enhancement – Meade ETX-125AT – W. Herschel).


stonehenge web



Update September 2009: The highlight of the Hidden Records book has to be this comparitive measurement (above) between all the stars of the Pleiades and all the anomalies in the Mars cluster in Cydonia. There are a spectacular 21 correlations for the small stars matching small anomalies. There are six large magnitude stars correlating with six medium sized anomalies and one primary large star of Alcyone correaling with a another five sided anomaly (like the larger D&M five sided anomaly which still has one equilateral triangle side perfectly intact).

All in all, 28 spectacular correlations where the Mars presentation still has one major piece of evidence that makes it far beyond just coincidence. It presents a perfectly geometry adjusted layout, altered fractionally not to make it a poor correlation, but ever so slightly adjusted to suggest it is constructed by advanced perfectionist beings… our ancestors. Note the parallel fine lines in yellow, the main shape between the cluster forming a trapezium, and a right angled triangle with two 45 degree angles. But as expected the Pleiades stars are not quite perfectly placed as this.

It may seem as if this website is revealing ‘all’ the material… and why bother about the book? The fact is that the website only previews the tip of the iceberg. It is important to get a reasonable idea about the author’s controversial claims which will obviously sound too farfetched for most people. It is also very fair for many who can’t afford books to at least see the basis of the fundamental material.


A documentary titled ‘Ancient Aliens’ on the History Channel 15th March 2009 aired footage of Wayne’s Mars Pleiades and Tikal starmap findings. It was apparently presented in a way as if it was their own material. No references were given at all. An inquiry is now being made with History Channel by the investors of Waynes book. More info will be updated here

There is a lot more important evidence that binds all these awe inspiring star map patterns together. Crucial ancient texts and graphic artefacts in The Hidden Records… fifteen years of research to be exact, all packed into in a 289 page soft cover book. The author begins with one substantial breakthrough that creates a snowball effect. He takes the reader on a journey across the globe from one clue to the next. There are over 30 very substantial new findings presented in one publication.

Challenge this claim.


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