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Men in Black is widely known as a movie starring comedian actor Will Smith, but only a few know that there are actually also in the real world, aka not entirely fictional! Some historical records even mention the existence of a group of mysterious men who magnitude with things outer space smells.


In the real world, the definition of the Men in Black (or abbreviated MIB) rather than the people who wore a neat black suit, working as a government secret agent and duty to eradicate the aliens. On the contrary!! Men in Black is a term for people who wear black clothes and usually come to eyewitnesses who have seen ufo. Especially if the witness face to face with aliens. And from the various testimonies and interviews with people who have visited MIB, was their goal is menyalahkann presepsi the witnesses and mislead them, that they see no aliens!! But that is only one definition that circulated about the Men in Black karana many people who have other opinions.

An American writer named Jerome Clarck stated that MIB is not always dressed in black. According to Clarck, as it is only a general term that describes people who are looking beyond the habits or eccentric.

They sometimes wear clothes that are old or outdated, uniforms USAF (United States Air Force) or even put on a later model of the future will be booming.

Most of the MIB agents are always depicted as wearing sunglasses, accessories required, where it is pointed out to cover the shape of their eyes because they have narrow eyes. There is also a mention if the eye MIB agent and a large oddly shaped because of the influence of the thyroid, some even believe that their eyes the same shape as gray aliens! Because they are a special agent then it is not impossible way of life they are also particularly well handled. In addition to the eye, the radius of the MIB agents are also rumored to be longer than normal humans and their voices sound like robots. Another complement is normally used cadillac car antique black somehow always looks like new.


The phenomenon of the existence of MIB was never very popular in the years 1950 and 1960. During this period noted that some MIB agents never intimidating to a reporter who lived in Pinewood, West Virginia. The reporter was forced to stop writing articles about the presence of MIB in Pinewood, which he sent to the local and national newspapers. It should be noted that Pinewood itself is a very popular area with a creature dubbed Mothman in the late 1960s. Mothman phenomenon also indirectly strengthen the notion that operate at Pinewood MIB to investigate the Mothman creature’s existence.

Reports on Men in Black the most detailed occurred in 1976 when a man named Dr.Herbert Hopkins 58-year-old, reported that he had visited Men in Black. Hopkins who is a consultant on UFOs ditelpon by someone who claimed to be Vice President of New Jersey UFO Research Organization who want to talk – talk denganya. Strangely person, who wore black clothes, had appeared on the porch a few minutes after Dr. Hopkins put the phone down! He also met a lot of awkwardness while talking with his guests.

Many peculiarities of appearance, the horns and the words that led to the emergence of many theories about the identity of those who actually. Some conspiracy theorists say that the agent MIB is not a human, but the human race-alien hybrid. They served to clean all the physical evidence of alien intervention on earth remaining. Therefore, MIB agent appearance was different from ordinary human beings. But there is also a believe that they are government agencies (eg CIA agent) who tried to cover up UFO sightings.


MIB agents described always worked with very professional, thorough and systematic. They will examine and study all the information from those who would they contact, down to the smallest detail, though. Besides, the MIB agents seem very well trained to adjust according to situations and conditions that may change at any time. But their behavior can not be beaten flat alias may vary in each individual. Sometimes they can act like a secret agent trying to uncover and collect as much data about the phenomenon as seen by the subject of interrogation. But on the other hand they can also apply like ordinary human beings who make sure that witnesses saw the phenomenon is not real.

The MIB agents sometimes act very seriously, but can also be very friendly and full of humor in certain situations. Uniquely, there are several witnesses stated that their actions as robots are already in the program, so that their reaction becomes very awkward when entering situations beyond expectations.


Although many MIB phenomenon was reported in 1950-1960, some researchers like John Keel found similarities between the reports on the action of the MIB to record the appearance of evil. He explained that the emergence of highly parallel MIB agent with fairy tales and myths about people who met with the devil. Militarily, Jerome Bill Clarck More writing quotes that says “Men in Black is the government staff who work in disguise, a member of a special unit called the Air Force Intteligence or now known as Air Force Special Activities Center (AFSAC).

Conspiracy theories are also quoted by Jerome Clarck comes from Dr. Michael D. Swords, who explained that the MIB sulking on the CIA’s special unit that examines the human psychological experiments. They struggled with individuals who are considered at high risk of endangering national security, because it knows many secrets of government archives. Therefore diugaskanlah Special agents from the AFFTC Det 3 to ensure they remain shut up!!

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