13 Sep 2012 @ 10:31 AM 

The case of Roswell New Mexico or better known as Area 51, has been subject to controversy for years with no clear explanation. While there are dozens of witness testimonials about a UFO crash landing that looked like a flying saucer near Roswell in Corona NM, the Air Force and US Government used the time tested excuse of “it was just a weather balloon”. Though in a report from Lt. Walter Haut from the Air Force in a Roswell newspaper he claimed that they had recovered a UFO and several bodies. Not surprisingly that was soon covered up and disappeared off news stands just days later. Then in 1997 they added in the report that there were crash test dummies aboard and was probably the reason people witnessed aliens being carried off. Which all seems a little too deceiving to us and the rest of the world to really be just another weather balloon. ~www.alien-ufo-research.com



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  1. michela says:

    Sono impressionato dalla qualita’ delle informazioni su questo sito. Ci sono un sacco di buone risorse qui. Sono sicuro che visitero’ di nuovo il vostro blog molto presto.

  2. Geri says:

    There is a video what really happened in Roswell but it was not an aliens. It was a russian spying balloon. Watch here for more details:


  3. fanshawe college…

    Pictures of the Alien Autopsy at Roswell, NM Area 51-1947 |…

  4. Leonard says:

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